Princess anna

Princess Anna

Anna's ChildhoodEdit

Anna is a princess from the fire kingdom and the fire country in naruto.Anna is also a fire angel from fire heaven which is above the fire kindom but it can not be seen unless a person from the fire kingdom or country dies.Anna goted everything that she wanted when she was little plus with her sister Reiki was also getting everything she wanted to.Anna and reiki never goten time to play or spend time together because there mother queen kimata,was always taking reiki to anywhere she would go and anna would go with her father fire leader[King fudo to train and go to meetings which anna would be loud in all the time.At 5 years old anna wanted to go with her sister to spend time with her sister and reiki wanted to go with anna for a chance.Both parents were thinking what they should do to

Anna as a child

anna and reiki so they can spend time together.What fudo and kimata did was they send anna and reiki to there grandma's house in the hidden rock village.for 2 whole years for them to spend time together.Anna and reiki was happy but they had to attend the ninja academy there.They didn't care hat there mother and father said they were just jumping up and down.While anna and reiki were packing up with the help of some the ladies who worked at the place as clothes pickers,queen kimata was thinking this a second thought of how one of the girls would get hurt or leave the village.She told fudo but he told her not to worry about it.At almost sunset anna and reiki was ready to go to their grandma's house for two years.said bye to everyone they knew and hug there friends and mostly there mom and dad.

Hidden rock villageEdit

When anna and reiki arrived at the hidden rock village,anna thought there were to many rocks and it was

Anna when she is 9 years old

duhsty.Reiki laughed at what anna said and started walking to her grandma's house.While they were walking there anna and reiki saw the ninja academy.They thought it was huge and colorful.Anna was holding reiki's hand when they were going to traffic. At there grandma's house they were ready to knock on the door.Anna wanted to ring the doorbell but reiki didn't let her then they were fighting in front of there grandma's door.after 3 minutes of fighting reiki decided to let anna ring the doorbell.two rings and there grandma opend the door and was surpise to see anna and reiki standing on her door mat with a big smile on her face.there grandma was so happy to see them and huged them both at the same time.After they hugged they went in her house.It was a simple house,not to big and not to small very clean and smelled like stawberry.5 days later it was anna's birthday and she was going to get lots of presents to day and she was going to be 6 years old but,anna and reiki had to go going to the academy.When they were there anna and reiki were looking at everybody and anna hid behind reiki,reiki just stood there and was walking to a open seat were she and anna could sit down.The bell rang and the teacher was there and was greeting eveybody to the academy.The teacher or sensi was telling anna and reiki to stand up and tell the whole class who they were.Everybody stared at them and reiki was all of a show off and all of the boys were falling in love with reiki but half of them like her and half of them liked anna.After the embarresing moment they sat down fast and there faces were red.The sensi assinging people in teams.reiki got sperated with another team and the two boys names was kisho and jiro.Anna was paired up with two boys too and the two boys names was kanaye and deidara.For there sensi anna's sensi was a girl and she was nice and reiki got a boy sensi.There sensi wanted to know there names anna,deidara,and kanaye told her there names and anna's sensi thought anna was too cute.Deidara made fun of anna and then this is how anna got her attitude with deidara.Anna made fun of deidara's art and they were starting to fight and then cruseing at each other.The sensi and kanaye were watching and getting annoyed by the screaming of there voices.amaya sensi stop the fight and then took the whole team into the forest for there frist training.To catch the bells from amaya sensi.Anna said to deidara that he is going to fail at catching the bells from amaya sensi.He got pissed off and then when amaya sensi said go deidara threw a clay bomb at anna and then anna used her shakugan eys at deidara and then he was in level two of the shakugan eyes.They had there little own traning and then kanaye was watching anna and deidara fight and was laughing.Amaya sensi got mad because she thought she didnt make her self clear to anna and deidara.20 minutes later when kanaye got the bells from amaya sensi,anna and deidara got tied on to a log without no lunch.Anna didn't really care but deidara did and he was blameing anna for this.Anna was yelling at deidara telling him that it wasn't her falut and it was his.Amaya sensi had enough and was telling anna and deidara why they were fighting so much when they just met an hour ago.Anna didn't respond nor deidara did they just stood there,quietly.Few weeks later at the chunin exams they had to find 3 scrolls from other teams.Anna,amaya sensi,kanaye,and deidara were fighting another team which was a speed type and a strengh type of team.One of the guys in the team stab anna when she was fighting.then when he was about to stab anna in the heart,deidara protected anna and then when anna was about to fanit,the last thing anna saw was deidara helping her.When anna woke up in the hospital she wasn't hurt that bad but she had to stay in the hospital for 2 days.amaya.kanaye,and deidara visited anna in the hospital anna was surpise that deidara was there to see her.Two days later in the chunin exams anna,kanaye,and deidara passed and some kid was going to thorw a party for everybody who passed.Anna didn't go she stayed in her granma's house.Reiki wasn't there she was at the party with her friends.Anna was standing at the huge balcony looking at the stars and the moon.Anna didn't know that if the full moon comes out then she will go crazy for blood and kill people for it.A white,big,bird flew across from anna and saw that it was deidara.he was talking to anna and was apologizing to anna about what he said and for being a jerk to her.Anna was happy and told him thank you for saving her life.After that talk anna and deidara became friends and then anna started to fall in love with deidara.One year later deidara asked anna if she could come with him to leave the village for good.anna didn't know what to say but then she said yes.Anna got her backpack from her house in the middle of the night and then when deidara was waiting for anna on his clay bird anna looked back on her house then went on the bird and then they both left the village and became missing ninjas.

Hidden leafEdit

When deidara left to go to the akatsuki he said bye to anna and then he left.Anna went to faith to tell her about

Anna when she is not in her fighting outfit

what happend to deidara.She really didn't get what she was talking about so she just listen to anna.Faith said to anna if she wanted to live with her and her family.Anna said yes and then took her stuff and then left with faith.Her family loved when anna was her thay loved her personality.Later faith and anna and faith's family moved to the hidden leaf so they can be closer to faith and destiny's aunt's resturant.Then anna had to go the leaf academy but anna said to faith's parents that she went to the hidden rock academy.but they said she had to go.Anna and faith were in the academy the frist ones there.Anna and Faith were 16 years old and anna was singing and faith was laughing at anna.Anna was laughing in her songs and then was being a loud mouth to faith.Other guys and girls came and then all of the guys loved anna for her looks and her body and they loved faith too for the same reasons.Ino came and then at frist sight of anna she hated anna because of the attention she was getting.Anna didn't really didnt care about what ino thinks of her.all of the girls loved sauske but then anna said out loud that sasuke wasn't cute or hot.Then all of the girls got mad at anna and then faith covered anna's mouth and said she didn't mean it!!!she was just joking about that!!!!.Later anna and faith was assinged to naruto's team anna liked naruto because he was funny and stupid.Then in naruto episode 83 anna taged along with naruto and his master.Anna kept making fun of his master of how naruto always called him a pevert.then in the hotel anna was sitting next to naruto and there were lots of clones of naruto.anna got a knife and stab one of naruto clone.Naruto yelled at anna saying "Why the hell did you do that!!".Anna just didnt care and yelled at naruto .A knock on the door and then naruto opens it and it was itachi standing there telling naruto to come with him then when he looked above naruto's head he saw anna sitting there stareing at naruto then saying who is at the door.Itachi walked in the room and then walked to anna then telling her to come with him too.Anna didn't know what to do but then she knew who he was.After sasuke came and then got beat up by itachi, itachi took anna and then left with her.Naruto wanted to find anna but then when sasuke left he promise faith and sakura that he would get anna and sasuke back.When anna was with itachi she was in the akatsuki already she got a ring and a cloak.Deidara saw anna with itachi and then when anna was going up these steps deidara wanted to talk to anna but anna kept quiet because she was under itachi's sharingan and then anna's eyes were black,red,and dark orange.Anna didn't respond to anybody expect itachi unless itachi tells anna to respond to someone.5 months past and anna was still in the sharingan curse and then when it was night time anna went to itachi and

Anna's party dress

give him a [bi]itachi didn't know what was happening but he let anna do it anywas.One year later when naruto left to train anna left itachi because she was out of the curse and then saw faith and then hugged then went back to the hidden leaf,Itachi wanted anna back so while he was finding naruto he would find anna too.

Fire HeavenEdit

After naruto saved garra anna was with tobi and zetsu in the cave.When tobi found the ring anna was happy because tobi was going to join the akatsuki.In the forest tobi found deidara's arm and then made a joke which made anna and him laugh.deidara came and then saw anna and tobi playing with his arm.anna ran to deidara and hug him.Tobi wanted to hug him to but then deidara said no.Tobi got deidara pissed off and then he was chocking tobi.Anna was laughing and then help deidara get up.Episode 99 of naruto shippuden anna deidara and tobi were in a team and then tobi wanted to go to a dango shop and then tobi ran over there and then anna giggled and then walked with deidara.When tobi called deidara's art a rip anna said to tobi you got 5 seconds to run"!!!Then in episode 124 before deidara was going to explode anna ran to ran to him covered with blood telling him not to leave her.Then deidara said to anna that he loved her and then kissed her then he killed himself..Anna thought she was going to die but she didn't then she was badly hurt and then she fanited.Later anna woke up naked in a bed then saw itachi there with medicine in his hands.he went to anna and told her if she is alright.Anna said yes but her head hurted alot.1 day later in the night itachi and anna had sex.Anna didn't know what she was thinking.then itachi was going to get married to anna after he fought sasuke.Anna told itachi that she was prengant.Itachi already knew she was prengant.When itachi died anna wanted to help itachi fight sasuke but he didnt let her.Anna had itachi's disese in her body with her baby.After giving brith to the baby anna died.3 days later anna's dark side comes out and then goes with her master madara uchiha.In fire heaven anna was there and she didnt know what happend to her.Her father was there standing waiting for her.Anna saw father and couldn't believe it.She hug her father and asked how is reiki and her mother.He said they were.ok.Anna saw deidara in heaven and hugged him tighty and them kissed him.They were both happy to see each other.Anna's father the fire leader wanted to train with anna.Anna wanted to know hy and then the fire leader told anna that her dark self was out and bad things can happend when she is out with madara uchiha.Anna said that she will train with her father but it will be very intense.Anna had to sing perfectly and not miss not one beat.Deidara was watching anna train with her father.1 month later in episode 151 in naruto shippuden when the guy was about to destory everything anna came from the sky and then kick him in the face.The guy went flying and everybody was saying anna is back!!.a light was shineing on anna with her fire heaven outfit and her fire angel wings.Later anna fights dark anna and anna wins by stabing dark anna in her blood jem.Madara wanted to fight anna for killing dark anna to see if she is really strong enough beat him.her friends and anna's father help anna fight him.everyone was hurt but not anna and her father.they couldn't defeat him.Dark anna came back to life and then started to fight her master and then killed him.But later he comes back to life.

Pink anime princess

Anna when she was still in the fire kingdom

==Personality== Anna's personality doesn't change that is what she says in the show[for me its the show].She is mostly bossy

Anna when she is singing[age 16]

and mean plus she is sweet and nice to deidara and tobi and faith.anna when she was little she is nice and sweet at frist but when deidara made fun of anna her personality changed in a sec.All sassy to people and she hates ino so much that she trips her when she pass her by.To her father anna is always happy and safe with him but doesn't know what he hell he is saying because he talks in big words.When anna sings she acts all sweet in her songs like she is the type of person to make fun of.Well people who thought that they are worng.Anna loves to act stupid to to people even tobi,deidara,and faith.When she is with itachi anna acts serious to him and bes mean to him.Deidara said when he was little to anna "the stupid ones always dies frist".Anna really hates when people say that deidara lookes like a girl.In battle she be's silly sometimes but only if tobi or faith is there.If anna is fighting with deidara then she wants to be serious with him because she doesn't want to make him annoyed.

Apperance Edit


Anna at age 16

When anna was little like 5 years old anna's hair was down to her waist.she wore a pink dress with ribbions on her hair and cute whitle heel shoes with gloveson her hands.Then at age 16 her hair is all the way ro the end of her butt and her outfit is a blue long blue tube shrit and black shrit with long sleeves under it.long black leggings and black sandles that are high heels' then anna at 19 her hair is pasts her knee cap.she wears a fighting dress that is black & white and she wears short black high heels boots.

Normal anime girl 8959

Anna's fighting outfit [age 19]

and when you see her eyes yellow that means she has element:lightning

More InfoEdit

  • Anna has all of the elements Fire,Water,lightning,earth,and wind
  • She has the 5 swords that let her use any element she wants if she uses the swords
  • Anna has a dark side named dark anna
  • Anna has a fireball necklace around her neck to keep dark anna out.
  • Now anna has 4 childern but one of them is her's and itachi's and the rest is her's and deidara's
  • Anna's mostly say these things "In order to make the flames rise,you must leave it alone'",in episode 124 to deidara,I don't want you to go,your the most important person to me,please don't go,"How could you get out of my shakugan eyes,if you're already in them."Shut up!,if you give me a headache i will have a short temper and you don't want that"
  • Anna can use these shakugan eyes and 3 ways she can kill you:
  • Level 1:you get scrached up and blood comes out of you and then you get bruned inside and outside but you don't see the fire.
  • Level 2:you lose your blood but it's not yours and then black hands come and grab your legs and then a clone of anna comes and kicks you to the real anna then you get stab in the heart
  • Level 3:you lose half of your blood then hands come and grab you from the blood puddle then you get pulled by the hands in the blood that makes you go to hell.
  • Anna has a singing ablity that takes 2% of her chakra but then it takes half of the enemies charkra away.for evey beat anna hears she must spain on that beat so charakra comes out more.
  • Anna is a fire dancer but she only danced in the Fire kingdom but once in the hidden rock
  • Anna's Theme Song is "Arrival Of Tears"
  • Anna has 3 theme songs one is the one up top and the two others are "lunatic tears" and "endless tears"

thumb|px|right|Anna's theme song

  • In the whole naruto series,anna died 3 times but came back
  • Anna normaly means apricot from nara but in the show it'sburning flames"or "eternal flames"
  • Anna's birthday is June 2,1990
  • in episode 17 anna put a spell on deidara so he can remember anna
  • Anna has all of the elements because of the 5 swords
  • If all of the 5 swords combined together then it truns into a powerful sword with 5 balls that contains the elements.
  • Every full moon anna gets all crazy and goes out to get blood but not for her but for her dark side for her blood jem.
  • I n the naruto series part one anna's theme was the frist on arrival of tears then the second one she still kept it until 124 when it change to the second on then in episode 151 it turned to the thrid one
  • thumb|px|right|Thrid theme song

thumb|px|right|Anna's second theme song